Quacker Boy Wildwood Striker Series Maple and Tunable Rosewood


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The Wildwood striker series of Maple & Tunable Rosewood will add more hens to your calling. The Wildwood Maple striker is a one piece light striker that works great for early morning turkey talk and the soft yelps clucks and purrs you may need to entice that Gobbler into range the last few yards. The Maple striker works well on all striking surfaces. The tunable Rosewood striker is very versatile as it can be shortened or lengthened by simple twisting, pulling or pushing to get the desired length for your particular style of calling. The Rosewood end of the striker has great grip on slate, glass, aluminum or ceramic striking surfaces. The Rosewood tunable striker can reach out great distances with loud cuts,
cackles and yelps to entice and get response from the wariest of old Gobblers or toned down for the calling sequence finishing work.


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