O’Gorman’s Beaver Gland Lure


O’Gorman’s Beaver Gland Lure is a high castor oil sack and passion blend in a waterproof grease, weather resistant base; designed for maximized emission of odors, for maximum longevity at a set.  Trap-line research conducted with modified Bridger #5 traps and Belisle #330 traps showed this lure to have a deadly fascination especially for blanket and super blanket size beaver.  If you are after size, this is the lure.

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$ 13.50 / 2 oz. jar

Note to Lion Trappers:  In O’Gorman’s pen research, adult male and female Mountain Lions are the most attracted and fascinated by this lure of any they have tested on them.  It causes slobbering and intense rubbing.  It also works on bobcat at the rub set.


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