NEXT Scents Dispenser


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NEXT Scents Dispenser

NEXT Hunting Products has developed and patented the most innovative solution for scent dispensing in the industry today.  This revolutionary way to dispense scent is called NEXT Scents. It is an extremely versatile touch-less wick system.

How it works:

Just simply unscrew and remove the top of the dispenser and drip the liquid or gel scent on the wick. This dispenser is equipped with double O-rings, which in the closed position will keep your scent at its peak level of performance when not used. The design of this dispenser has an adjustable top which allows the hunter to dispense the desired amount of scent into the air. For total wick exposure just remove the top and screw it into the bottom of the dispenser. This dispenser used in the upright position will eliminate rain rinse off. These dispensers can be used around tree stands, hunting blinds, scrapes, etc. The clipping system clips to tree branches, corn stalks, weeds, etc. The wire can also be formed into a hook for hanging onto larger branches. The staking system can be used to stake the dispenser into the ground, fence posts and dead falls. These dispensers can also be pinned to clothing for a cover scent and foam decoys for an attractant scent.

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