Freedom Brand Wall Mount Fleshing System


The Freedom Brand Wall Mount Fleshing System is a top notch system that is excellent for both fur harvesters and large fur buyers/processors.  This fleshing system mounts to the wall and rotates up to rest against the wall so that it is out of the way when cleaning up under the beam after fleshing and when not in use.

The complete system includes a hinged bracket to mount the beam to a wall, a height adjustable telescoping leg and a 36″ long by 7″ wide hardwood fleshing beam.

The Freedom Brand Wall Mount Fleshing System is available as a complete system or is available as two separate components and comes with easy to follow mounting instructions.

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Product Description

$ 30.00 / fleshing beam only

$ 43.00 / wall mount only

$ 70.00 / complete  fleshing system


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