Extra Bright Red Maggots (spikes)


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The supplier works very hard to ensure that these maggots contain the highest levels of nutrition and natural attractants. This requires them to ensure that they are fed on the very best food, often consisting of up to 50% fish. Fish is a very expensive food stock as it is in high demand by the fish meal industry, but they know that it really does produce the best maggots. Maggots fed this way are of consistent quality, very high in proteins and we believe irresistible to fish.
Maggots are one of the most popular bait used by Ice Fishermen in the United States. Imagine for a moment you are a fish (not as easy as it sounds) which would you prefer? Artificial bait with artificial flavors or a natural moving bait packed full of natural goodness. Please find our range of maggots carefully reared, fed on the very best food and supplied to you as fresh as possible in order to ensure that you can fish with confidence. We have a large selection of colored maggots bred for their unrivalled attractiveness to fish and delivered promptly to give you the freshest bait. At this time we are selling the Extra Bright Colored Maggots in 500 count containers and 1000 count containers. The reason for this is the Maggots ship much better in these quantities than in lesser quantities.
Care for the Extra Bright Colored Maggots is quite easy. Once you receive them take them from the shipping box and place them in your fridge in the coldest area. They are best kept at 33-36 degrees. Take out of the container what you need for each fishing trip. A great way to keep them fresh in your pocket is one of the Strikemaster’s Bait Puck.
Colors Available are: Mixed, Red, White, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange.

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