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  1. Coyote Cannon Gun Hunters Package

This package comes with
1 – Coyote Cannon Light with dimmer tail cap so you have complete control over the light’s brightness.
1 – LED module installed in the light in your choice of color(Red, Green, White, IR). The LED module color determines the color of light your light will emit. Choose your LED module(s) color above under “Choose your options” “C. Cannon LED module”. LED modules can be changed in the light in just seconds as it simply screws in and out.
2 – 21700 5000mA rechargeable batteries
1 – Fast Battery charger with USB, AC and DC plugs
1 – Predator Pro Mount that is Height, Windage and Elevation adjustable.
1 – Custom hard carrying case with custom cut EVA foam.
1 – Lens cover to protect the lens when not in use.

Coyote Cannon has a Adjustable focus so you can go from a flood beam to spot beam allowing you to put just the right amount of light on your target. Only takes about 1/8 turn of the head to go from full flood to full spot beam. You can also lock down the focus. This means if you want to lock down the focus of the beam at full flood, full spot beam or anywhere in between you can.
The Coyote Cannon only comes with a dimmer tail cap giving complete control over the lights brightness. We don’t have any other type tail caps for the Coyote Cannon.
The dimmer tail cap has a dial on the back end that you turn to turn up or down the brightness of the light.
Interchangeable LED modules so you can easily change the color if you order the optional LED modules.
Runs on 1 21700 Rechargeable battery. You can add 2 extra 21700 5000ma batteries in the options above. The charger is one of the fastest charging chargers on the market. It will charge 2 batteries at the same time at 2000ma each or 1 battery at 3000ma. Will charge almost any 3.7V rechargeable battery including 18650, 21700, 20700, 26650 batteries and more. Charger includes USB plug, 110-240V AC plug and 12V DC plug. This means you can charge the batteries from your computer, Wall outlet or your Vehicle.
Minimum distances each color will shine with a fully charged battery in spot beam in yards: Red = 1050, Green = 1770, White = 1650.
How far you can expect to see with Night vision: IR 850nm = 2500+ using a Gen 3 night vision and 1000+ yards with digital night vision, IR 940nm = 1800+ using a Gen 3 night vision and 700+ yards with digital night vision.
The other difference between the 850nm IR and 940nm IR is the red glow to the LED is much less with the 940nm IR then the 850nm IR and some believe that 940nm IR is less likely to spook animals then the 850nm IR because it has less red glow to the LED.
Can be easily mounted to a 35mm, 30mm or 1″ scope tube or Weaver/Picatinny rail with our included Predator Pro mount. With this mount, you can adjust the distance the light sits from your gun/scope and it also has windage and elevation adjustments so you can get the light lined up perfect with your scope. This is a rock solid mount with a Quick release knob for easy mounting and dismounting from your gun. This is a two piece mount, The light mounts in the top piece and this is the piece that has the height, windage and elevation adjustments. The top piece mounts to rails. The bottom piece is what mounts to scope tubes and has a rail on it so you can mount the top piece to it.
Optional Light handle for Scanning.
5 year warranty on the housing and LED. 2 years on any switches and mounts, 1 year on batteries and charger.

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850 iR, 940 iR, Green, Red, White


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