Bob Noonan’s “Odorless Skunk Removal” Book


Bob Noonan’s “Odorless Skunk Removal” Book describes how Bob traps skunks without them spraying.  Bob has trapped over 1,000 skunks while nuisance trapping.  Keeping them from spraying is essential for client satisfaction, especially in suburban and urban areas.  It is also very useful when fur trapping.

Skunk essence is very valuable and euthanizing skunks with the method described in this book results in glands full of essence.  This method uses chloroform to daze the skunks and make them much less apt to spray and easier to handle.  Chloroform is safe to use, does not require special training or licenses, and is very affordable.

This book includes:

  • Step-by-step, clear, detailed instructions
  • Equipment list
  • Where to get chloroform
  • 100% effective skunk spray deodorant recipe using inexpensive household ingredients
  • 24 pages, 16 photos and drawings

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