Blackie’s Wax-B-Gone


Blackie’s Wax-B-Gone is economical and effective in removing wax, etc. from traps.  It is a liquid that mixes with water and is faster, easier and safer than using lye or Sani-Flush.  Wax-B-Gone cleans traps thoroughly, including all cracks, creases, coils and crevices.  One quart of Wax-B-Gone solution should clean 4-6 dozen 1 1/2 coil spring traps — depending on the condition of the traps.

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Product Description

$ 11.00 / 1 quart bottle

$ 20.00 / 2 quart

$ 38.00 / 1 gallon

Instructions for Use:

Use 1 quart of Wax-B-Gone per 2 1/2 gallons of water.  Bring water to a simmer.  DO NOT BOIL.  Immerse traps and cover totally.  When wax floats to the surface, skimming is recommended to prevent wax from re-depositing on traps upon lifting them out.  Trap soak time depends on traps’ condition.  5 – 10 minutes should work.  Immediately upon lift out, a hot water rinse (hot tap water is fine) finishes the job.

Rubber gloves and safety glasses are recommended when using this product.  Do not use on aluminum or soft metals/alloys.  Do not freeze.  Keep out of reach of children.


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