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The Ambush purchase is support beam only. You will need to provide a bipod to utilize.***

The “Ambush” is the next great innovation in the hunting market! With an aftermarket rifle support such as the Reaper Grip, this fully patented device allows the shooter to mount a rifle to the interior wall of most of today’s hunting blinds. This breakthrough design frees up valuable floor space in your hunting blind as you no longer need tripod legs for your shooting support. This rifle mount combined with a quality, full sized head-mount gives shooters, especially young shooters and shooters with disabilities the confidence and support they need when the shot is taken. The Ambush can be purchased as just the support beam ($179.99). If you currently have bipod legs, they will need to be able to attach to the picatinny rails located on the bottom of the Ambush. Bipod legs need to be adjustable between 7-10″. Remain hands free at the ready until the time is right for the Ambush!


• SKU = KJ85005

• Dimensions = 12.3″ X 4″ X 3.6″

• Weight= 1.4 lbs

• Bipod Weight = 11.2 oz.

• Head Mount Thread size = 3/8”-16

• 6061 Aluminum with black anodized finish


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